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- Synopsis -

Looking to escape an absurd political election outcome in his country, a young man decides to move to France and to begin a new life in the city of Love, Beauty, and Lights – Paris!

The show immerses the audience in the extraordinary Parisian universe; its ladies, its ambiance, and its aesthetics. The sights, the sounds, the tastes of French delicacies, and all other senses are united to transport the audience to Europe and experience a myriad of unique moments full of surprises.

Meanwhile, in the style of the original European cabaret using humor, sarcasm or irony, the story also addresses some eternal societal issues, hoping to not only give our audience cravings for French cuisine, but also “food for thought.”

“Director Lola Ohlala has assembled a remarkable troupe who truly understand and demonstrate the beautiful art of French cabaret, and took the audience on a sweet journey to Paris.” Bob Leggett - (Indie Voice Blog)

“This love letter of a play/musical to the art of silent performance is so incredibly sweet.” M. Murphy

Successfully premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019, “The Parisian Dream” was nominated for best international and featured on French famous national TV show “Télé Matin” as well as “TV5 Monde”.



This unique production mixes the humor and sexiness of French cabaret with the sensibility and magical ambiance of silent movies. Actors, dancers and singers, each artist brings a genuine “joie de vivre” to the show in addition of their performing skills and talent.




Born and raised in France, trained in classical and modern dancee as early as 4. At age 16 she started studied theater with amazing artists such as Jean Claude Cotillard, Nicole Merouse (Comedie Française) or Amedee Bricolo, bringing to her an extensive knowledge of the art of mime and body language. Her passion for French cabaret was born from that mix of acting dancing toped by the love for singing.



Actress / Dancer

Before leaping to Hollywood to pursue her dancing dreams, she toured worldwide with Sesame Street Live. Danced with several companies, in numerous music videos and live events. She’s also recognized for teaching tap, ballet, jazz and hip-hop.



Actress/ Dancer

Georgie has spent her life on the stage and screen including theater, musicals, operas and was a 2011 semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.  There is nothing she wont do to entertain, even if it requires walking, literally, on stilts.




Evan O'Brien is an actor, comedian, and writer originally from New England. Film roles include Netflix Original Rebirth, baseball comedy 108 Stitches and festival short films: Monster, Sweet Nothings,and Sock Puppet.

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Highly trained dancer, her dance classes are a favorite of children, adult beginners, and lifelong dancers alike!  An actor for both film and the stage, Sarah is also known for her warm and expressive singing voice, and her overall artistic sensibility.




A native New Yorker, when she's not performing with Cabaret Versatile, you can find her choreographing for musicals and performance groups, and teaching dance, acting, and Eginton Alignment to performers and students of all ages.


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Actor/Stage Manager

Aaron has formal acting training under John Robert Powers in La Jolla, in addition to working for theater productions at San Dieguito Academy, Linfield College, University of California, Los Angeles.

- Reviews -

“This love letter of a play/musical to the art of silent performance is so incredibly sweet.” M. Murphy

“High energy HOOT! A playful show full of leg & heart. I recommend it to anyone looking to take a break from heavy times”. Carla Cherry

 “I recommend it to anyone.” Hamish S.

“This is not just for fans of dance. It also has a great story and is very funny.” Suzanne R.

“Everything about it was top-notch and superbly entertaining! The choreography, the concept, the humor, the costumes, the lighting, the staging ~ and especially les girls!” Valerie Jean Miller -

“You get the gamut with this story- comedy, drama, & thought-provoking narrative that is relevant to our current affairs! It's a must-see!” K. Archer

“I loved the story line and the way they kept the audience engaged. It very much reminded me of a Charlie Chaplin silent movie !!” Paul Epstein

 “Charmant et drôle!" Scott H.

“I was swept up by the enthusiasm and energy of the performers along with the glamourous costumes.” Theresa K

 “If the intention of the show is to try and take this five-girl troupe to the next level then that is certainly accomplished. The show as a whole is cinematic and utterly charming.” Guy Picot (Fringe Review UK)

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