For a true "Soirée Parisienne" with a Vegas ambiance. Highly elegant and visually striking act; showgirls invite the audience to Paris, creating an intimate, graceful mood. 


Spectacular French Cancan performed by 3 to 10 dancers. Featuring authentic Cancan skirts, handmade by a French designer,
this spectacular piece is a must, bringing any ceremony to a perfect close, finishing on an unforgettable note. 


Enjoy the greatness and aesthetics of “Les années 20”. Costumes, music and choreographies are designed to make the audience travel back in time. Chic and very high energy acts!


Discover French sexiness combined with a classy lounge kind of atmosphere. From the sensuality of nostalgic acts to the fun solos involving, at times, the audience participation, sophisticated choreographies transports the public to fleeting instants of intimacy in tiny Parisian streets, .


A French cabaret features a variety of entertainers. Enter a world of diversity where acrobats and contortionists leave the audience upside-down; stilt walkers add height and aerialists create a refined and dreamful experience.

An innovative idea for special occasions such as bachelorette parties, birthdays etc. Following an introduction to the history of French Cancan, experience a lesson in traditional Cancan moves with the original dresses and finish with a taste of French goodies. Click for more info!


Memorable moments are those that remain in the heart. To create the perfect ambiance for your event, the artists will greet your guests, prior or post to the show, encouraging photographs and providing the opportunity to end the evening with a unique souvenir. 


Just for one night, if you love to be onstage, surrounded by dancers, join the troupe! You ...


Lovely hostesses bring a perfect touch of fun and glamour. American and bilingual French native ladies offer their international smiles and add a pinch of conviviality.