Creative origins

For Creative Director Lola Ohlala, French cabaret was love at first sight. After many years dancing, choreographing, discovering its unique history and legendary artists, her passion remains strong and she never tires of its richness.

Sexy, elegant, yet funny or a tad nostalgic, French cabaret is, for Lola, a fantastic way to reflect the emotions life drives one through. In a world where everything is getting bigger, faster, computerized, and mechanized, she believes in the importance of creating productions involving the genuine talent and versatility of the artists on stage. With this emphasis of authenticity, she presents realistic ideas along with surprises for the audience.

The main challenge with this kind of show, is to always find new ideas dragging the spectators out of their daily lives into our universe to offer them some Parisian Sensations they never experienced before.
— Lola Ohlala – Cabaret Versatile Creative director

Parisian Sensations: sense is the essence

With its new concept called “Parisian Sensations,” Cabaret Versatile creates a new kind of experience that was first presented during the show “Femmes!” It is a creation philosophy, which has influenced all of the concept and design of the show. 

The concept immerses the audience in the universe that is Paris; its ladies, its ambiance, and its aesthetics. The sights, i.e. décor and ladies, the sounds (music), the tastes of French delicacies, and all other senses are united to transport the audience to Europe and experience a myriad of unique moments full of surprises. 

“Parisian Sensations” is Cabaret Versatile’s new mantra and will continue to be its common thread. 

The essence of the concept gives a meaning to everything we create with heart and passion. Cabaret Versatile strives to pay tribute to all women by illustrating their diverse characters and moods. Whatever her culture, philosophy, or personal history, every woman possesses a uniqueness that makes us love her.